Spring; my favorite season

Spring we often think of as rain shower’s, flowers, warmer days, and longer days. Well for me Spring in my transition season a symbolic time. A time to re-evaluate not only my home, but my surroundings and myself. Such as for flowers and nature it a time for re growth. I find it to be a season to Spring clean yourself!

“Love Strong and Deep, Forgive Always, Smile through your tears and Always Do with Gratitude”


What exactly is Spring cleaning yourself? Well that easy! That mean a self check in! Whats that? Well let me ask you something; are you happy? I sure as shit don’t mean are you sitting with a smile on your face. I mean truly happy. Are you satisfied in what you have surrounded yourself with? Your home, your job, or shit your education? It may be possible that you need to make a little effort each Spring to just make sure your doing OK. I’m sure you have spent an insane amount of time at some point this you year being there for someone, not everyone but just one someone. Am I right? HA! I thought so! So my love let’s take that amount of time to spent of yourself. Every single emotional support, thought and care-filled action; let’s do that for you!


Let’s ‘Learn to love Yourself‘. I don’t mean to be self centered, selfish, or full of you self crap. I mean your actions towards reflect on the way you not only treat yourself but the way you love yourself. So with that being; let me ask you?… What exactly have you given yourself lately? No no no i’m not talking about that hair cut or new T-shirt you’ve waited months for to hit the sale racks. I mean what have you given yourself that you can’t price? Such as maybe a ‘ heart break’, enjoy your surroundings alone, or even support…. That’s a good one huh? SUPPORT! I’m talking about going out and getting what your longing for. Like that job you keep dreaming about or the education you so very much wish you had. I mean really you are the initially the only thing stopping yourself with those terrible nonsense lie telling your self you cant, or don’t know how or better yet ” I’m not good enough. That is absolute CRAP and you know it! Challenge yourself to get off your ass stop lying to yourself and go get it already. Your on;y annoying yourself; just thought I would l you know.

just a little something my Chocolate surprised me with awhile. You need to remember this too!

Now with all that being said that’s barely only the beginning of learning to love yourself again. Now that i went so far off topic here on why i just love spring for far more than the obvious. Spring is also a great time to do a mental evaluation on yourself. No no no i’m assuming or thinking or wanting you to think your crazy; but please know your mental health is just as important as your physical health too. You don’t and i mean DO NOT need to be mentally unstable nor diagnosed with something mental to need a little help in that area. Trust me i my self was in a point where I like to nickname a ” Mental Virus”. I was very sad had a lot of emotional trauma happen and took me talking to a therapist to know a realize i was NOT nuts but merely experiencing the natural reaction mentally to ALL the hurt and heart breaks i been through with out dealing with them in a healthy manner. For year i thought all the time to myself “this too shall heal” LMAO who was i really joking that one to. Looks like i was the only one laughing and carrying on. Wrong and i repeat WRONG way to deal with it. If you need or have had lots and lots of heart breaks, emotionally abuse or physical…. Do you mental evaluation now. Nobody needs to know just do it for you, nobody else. You’ll thank your self later my love

Spring is the season on which flowers bloom to their beauty, grass grows rich in color, strong, and thick. So why not allow your self to do the same. Spring is the greats time, so beautiful and full of all these amazing transformation of beauty. Just like you!


You absolute beautiful. You absolutely amazing.



©2019 Catherine Quintana. All rights reserved

Motherhood! Lets really talk about it!

Ok ok i know i’m not he only one going through the terrible two’s right now. Lets get real here you probably read or heard a million times by now on how they are just like our obnoxious drunk homie at the pub! They shit their pants, kick an scream at you in public just cause they can. What that i’m describing to you is your trashed homie after 10 too many Fire balls?? Nope that is, my sugar pants, the reality of your terrible two years old! Ah man i bet you want that 2 dollar bottle of wine now left over from last week in the fridge as i’m just bearly touching the tip here of what motherhood is truly is like. Aw Phuc it make something, anything on the rock as I’m getting started here. Yesss my sweet mama, you know your going to need.

Let’s talk my loves! So how was you night? Here its barely 6pm and what did mine oh so she thinks how adorable lil ass has accomplished? Well let me tell to you. That plan tonight was to get the tike from baby school go to the store and get cupcakes for the Valentines party in her class. Rock out a pizza night here maybe play a little followed with bed time cuddles. HA! HAHAHAHA! She had to of been thinking ” Bitch Please ” I got you a to do list right here. Home girl and I and arranged these plans together in our nap time posse. Welp it was full of scarfing a whole thing of unpaid raspberries throwing grapes at me after loosing her shit screaming at the top of hr lungs in the frozen fruit section cause of a balloon this mama wasn’t going to pay 10.99 for when the dollar store has the same one for 1.00!

Ugh and just one Saturday, just one freaking Saturday they would just sleep till 7 am. Yea, NO! Guess what love your Saturdays really are your not so special day anymore. You know what day i’m talking about. That day you sleep in from the Friday night out on the town with the office and all day to prepare for another night out with the ladies full of memories of all that bad ass liquid courage you drank. You know what nights i’m talking about. The nights you have no idea how a photo got online. Now those have been replaced with you have no idea if that was actually grape juice fermented in you glass or some really cheap ass wine cause all your money went to that new pony movie that was out or that new monster truck or even that Lego you just stepped on 10 minutes ago!!! Either way you know now know that your Saturdays nights have been replaced the mystery of possibly a good mom daughter night or a freaking screaming night mare that wasn’t rented but is you lil mini loosing their shit cause i bought the wrong fruit snacks! Yup sweetie that is now your most amazing Saturdays you now don’t realize are going to be cherished years from now.


Now your about 4 months in to this stage, think my Goah how much worse does this get!!! LOL let me tell you the war of who’s the biggest bitch has only just began. So sorry i had to be the one to just inform you that it only gets better. Not really. My best, abosoulte best advice i can hand you is ‘GET THE RESPECT NOW!’ hold your ground and stand firm. Your not the only mom. Baby girl i promise you this. This morning my tot didn’t like the fact the we had a full one food fight for breakfast. Not the sort of one where is all fun and games but we were legit annoyed with one another. Straight i had bananas flying across my house! I couldn’t believe myself, my behavior, and how i reacted! I actually stooped to my child’s action. What was I thinking. Oh ya i’m just a mom mentally going nuts through this Terrible twos Crap!


Well my sweet mama’s I’ll leave here with this… Cheers to motherhood, Cheer’s to though who are striving constantly to out smart you two-nager, and while you taking the gulp of you drink you just polished with the quickness; I got you baby girl. Your are absolutely not standing alone and it’s not you. You just have a very strong minded child and remember it is your job to teach them how to use this trait of their’s in a healthy and positive manner. just remember you are going to look back in several years and quite literally just laugh.



©2019 Catherine Quintana. All rights reserved